Modular Dumpster Enclosures System

Innovative Steel Trash Enclosures for Retail, Commercial, Multi-family Residential Applications

FCP Modular Dumpster Enclosures System 1 Unit
Construct 1 modular unit, or…
FCP Modular Dumpster Enclosures System 2 Unit
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Modern Industrial Design

FCP Modular Dumpster Enclosures

FCP industrial-grade modular dumpster enclosures are designed to meet the specific waste disposal needs of retail, commercial, multi-family residential, and other facilities. Constructed with top-quality industrial galvanized steel, and featuring a sleek modern design, our fully enclosed modular dumpster enclosures enhance your property, contain loose trash, prevents unauthorized dumping, and animal nuisance. Our prefabricated modular trash enclosures are engineered to comply with most municipal and regional waste disposal service requirements, ensuring a reliable and efficient solution for waste disposal management.

Let us show you how the FCP Modular Dumpster Enclosures outperform and outlast other construction methods

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FCP’s innovative fully enclosed design

Whether you have a retail, commercial, or multi-family residential facility, effective trash disposal management is a necessity. This entails having one or multiple on-site dumpsters. But typical open, surround fences are insufficient. Meet FCP’s real-world solution.

Problem – Typical Open or Surround Fencing IssuesSolution – FCP’s Fully Enclosed Design
Loose trash blows freely – trash areas look messyLoose trash is contained even in heavy wind – keeps trash area looking nice
Unsightly loose trash devalues property – causes loss of business – adds clean up expenseContained trash saves cleanup costs – keeps property looking good.
Open areas, roofless fencing – does not prevent animals/birds from being a nuisanceKeeps out most animals and also prevents transient inhabitation
Open area and surround fencing does not prevent unauthorized or illegal dumpingEnclosed design prevents unauthorized access when you use your own padlock
Trash thrown over fencesEnclosed design prevents throwing trash into dumpsters
Increased cost for more trash pickups from illegal, unauthorized dumpingReduces trash pickup costs
Less or no property insurance benefitsBetter property insurance benefits

FCP features and specifications. Simply… the best protection for dumpsters.

Other information and CAD Specification download sheet.

  • Standard size accommodates two 3-yard dumpster bin, or one 6-yard dumpster bin.
  • Dimensions 9’ deep x 11’ wide x 8’-4” (high side) 7’-10” (low side).
  • 18 ga wall fully assembled galvanized doors, walls, and framework for superior corrosion control.
  • 26 ga roofing and trim (industry standard R panel profile) available in multiple colors.
  • Roofing and purlins are shipped flat and are cut to length for field fabrication.
  • Ventilated side walls for odor control and cooling.
  • Drawings and engineering by licensed design professional.
  • Standardized design allows for fast delivery – Shipping anywhere in the USA.
  • Assembly by customer, 3rd party contractor, or ask about FCP’s professional assembly service.
  • Delivered ready to paint. (Painting not provided by FCP).
  • Manufactured in the USA by licensed, insured, and certified steel fabricator since 1982

FCP’s prefab modular system – just a better investment

FCP’s prefabricated modular trash enclosure system allow you to construct one, two, three, or more units to to accommodate your trash disposal requirements, no matter the size of your building or facility.

Problem – Typical Surround FencingSolution – FCP’s Prefab Modular System
Typically requires expensive on-site labor to assemblePrefab kit assembles fast saving time and labor
Material acceptable to theft, damage, and traffic disturbanceAssembles in a day or less – simplifies construction process
Surround fencing kits often require separate doorsIncluded
No roof, roofs are an extra structure costing moreIncluded
Construction requires cumbersome post attachment to surfaceFree-standing – No post attachments
Increasing size requires more construction, post attachments, more laborModular design easily allows additional units to be added as needed
Most all surrounds with post attachments, as well as block or concrete, are permanentFCP’s modular units can be disassembled, moved, or even resold, making them a much better investment

Industrial steel – unmatched durability and longevity

FCP leads the way in waste management trash enclosures for retail, commercial, and multi-family residential applications. Steel benefits include unmatched durability and longevity compared to other materials options.

FCP Industrial SteelWoodCompositeVinylAluminumBlockConcrete
Strength and DurabilityBestPoorGoodPoorGoodBetterBest
Weather ResistanceBest Poor – prone to rotBetterGood – Prone to UV damage & crackingBetterBestBest
Fire ResistanceYesNoNoNoYesYesYes
Easy to CleanYesNoBetterYesYesBetterBetter
Maintenance RequiredLittle to noneYes – Paint or stain repairsYes – RepairsYes – RepairsYes – RepairsLittle to noneLittle to none
MoveableYesNo – Typical post attachedNo – Typical post attachedNo – Typical post attachedNo – Typical post attachedPermanentPermanent
AssemblyEasy Prefab KitPosts must be anchoredPosts must be anchoredPosts must be anchoredPosts must be anchoredLabor IntensiveLabor Intensive
Fully EnclosedYes – StandardNo – ExtraNo – ExtraNo – ExtraNo – ExtraNo – ExtraNo – Extra
LongevityBest PoorGoodGoodBetterBetterBest
AffordabilityYes – Best when you consider installation labor, maintenance, and longevityYes – Short termYes – GoodYes – BetterNoNoNo

FCP waste disposal regulations requirements and benefits

FCP has done all the work for you making or trash enclosures the best reliable choice for proper waste management. It is important to check the specific regulations in your area to ensure compliance.

  • Meets most municipal and regional waste disposal service requirements.
  • Turnkey steel design does not require separate CMU or concrete walls.
  • Conforms to new environmental regulations to prevent rainwater contamination.
  • Integrated curb foundation design keeps the bins off the walls.
  • Drawings and engineering by licensed design professional.

FCP’s Modular, Fully Enclosed Trash Enclosure System

Now it’s easier than ever to construct one, two, or more trash enclosure units that
allow for future expansion to three, four, or even more.

3 Yard Dumpster Enclosures Double Unit
Each unit protects two 3-yard Dumpsters
(Two Units Shown)
6 Yard Dumpster Enclosures Double Unit
Or one 6-yard dumpster
(Two Units Shown)

Innovative Modular Dumpster Enclosures

Whether you need one, two, three, or more, FCP’s modular trash enclosures are the perfect, innovative, turnkey solution for enhancing your properties aesthetics while securing your trash dumpsters.

FCP Industrial Modular Dumpster Enclosures

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